Smart home solution
Smart home solutions and home automation are concepts that have different meanings for many people. Some people think that it is the automatic control of indoor devices but in fact it is the application of technology in ways that satisfy and increase the value of your life through bringing the Comfortable, handy and safe.
Automation equipment
Currently, smart and automation solutions appear more and more. Not only at factory and enterprise scale, automation can be applied to things that are very familiar with life such as light bulbs, fans, water pumps, signal lights at home, ... But the current situation is that we still don't have a very easy way to control it.
Smart transport solution
Smart Traffic (ITS) addresses the problems of road traffic, including operation, monitoring, statistics, monitoring and announcements with the aim of improving utilization efficiency, supporting owners convenient traffic, reducing accidents and traffic jams. ITS uses the advances of information technology and telecommunications to link people, the system of roads and means of transport on the road into an information and telecommunications network for circulation. optimal on highways, highways.