HRM management software
Softnet wants to help you build and develop HRM Human Resource Management software with the ambition to not only meet the common operations in human resource management such as timekeeping, salary calculation, employee information management ... but also is a tool to build a system of titles, training standards, set of standards for assessment, analysis and planning of resources, management of personnel costs, building remuneration policies to retain talented people ... for an enterprise not only has a large workforce, many ranks require extremely complex operations with its own specific characteristics, but also must fully meet the requirements of changing key personnel policies. covered
Production management software
Production management software is an overall business management solution that specializes in manufacturing to help users grasp the status and progress of production processes, manage suppliers and manage materials. , labor, costs and maintaining relationships with customers. In addition, it gathers almost all functions in a manufacturing enterprise into a synchronous system: production planning, production management, production accounting, product lifecycle management ... Each enterprise The export has its own characteristics depending on the industry. Appropriate production management software is required to incorporate the actual needs of the business and the experience of the management solution provider.
Customer care management software
Customers have more and more choices when buying, not only on product quality but also on service quality. Why do you have to be careful when investing a very small fee to build a management and customer care system? With professional customer service is an affirmation of the quality of the product or service you provide. We do not compete with other competitors. What we and you will do is together to manage and take care of customers.
Property management software
Software to manage and store centralized asset data, helping to exploit, update data quickly, simply, synchronously, and achieve high efficiency in units at all levels with the same program implementation. With the software model as a service, difficult and expensive jobs such as setting up data safety system, data maintenance will be undertaken by us with the lowest cost and the highest efficiency. The implementation of the program will become simpler than ever. The software always automatically updates new features, the latest regulations on asset management and use according to current laws.