Electronic office system
Electronic office software is a comprehensive and professional system of document management, document management and business management, software designed scientifically with full exchange functions. information, operational management and document management, online work administration on computer networks. Ability to monitor word processing and remote work operations via the Internet.
Transportation software solutions
Smart network systems facilitate air, road, rail and sea transport services, providing the most up-to-date information for passengers, improving their ability to react to things. Try it urgently and allow the establishment of specific operational plans in advance.
GIS solutions, digital maps
GIS solutions, digital maps provide stored applications centralized through the Internet as a service. Instead of installing, maintaining, and upgrading hardware and software, customers just need to select the application that suits their requirements and run the application on Cloud infrastructure or on their own infrastructure. At the same time, provide management access to applications including security, availability and performance from web browsers for software: GIS, AMS, and M&E.
One-stop-shop public administration software
One-stop-shop public administration software is a system to support the process of handling administrative procedures according to the one-door and inter-agency mechanism at state agencies, organizations and enterprises. function to provide public services. Software to help state agencies, organizations and businesses can improve management skills, create a breakthrough change in the process of handling administrative procedures with effective support of the part soft operation on the LAN, contributing to the implementation of administrative reforms. Supporting users to perform operations on software for the process of receiving and processing sign-on results for the settlement of administrative procedures; at the same time providing information to serve the direction and administration of unit leaders.
Electronic portal solutions for the Government (Internet Portal)
The Internet Portal is considered the fundamental solution for building online public service software such as information retrieval, communication, management and operational operations. This solution helps people have sufficient information about the current regulations as well as how to complete the procedures in specific areas at the request of state management agencies in a convenient and quick way. Besides, Internet Portal also allows users to monitor activities and reflect opinions to competent authorities so that the Government can promptly overcome problems and constantly improve professional skills for officials who directly work administrative management.
Online state service
Online public service is actually an integrated solution on Internet Portal to bring benefits in issuing licenses (business registration, branch and office establishment license). representatives ...), resolving complaints, denunciations, temporary residence registration, temporary absence and other specific services, not directly to the administrative management agencies. This saves time and minimizes costs for people.