Android platform application programming
At the beginning of 2016, there were more than one billion people using Android. Android is an open-source Linux-based operating system designed for mobile devices with touch screens such as smartphones and tablets. Android accounted for 75% of the worldwide smartphone market share by the third quarter of 2012, with a total of 500 million devices enabled and 1.3 million activation per day.
IOS platform application programming
iOS is an operating system with high stability, smooth over a long time, the operating system has the highest security and reliability today. iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple and exclusive distribution for Apple hardware. Later in 2012, iOS accounted for 21% of the smartphone operating system market share and 43.6 % of tablet operating system market.
Embedded software solutions
Embedded software is a specialized program on a chip or basic software in an embedded device to control its functions. Our team has completed many embedded software projects such as automatic barrier systems, smart housing, ... At Softnet, we started to build IoT project facilities on Embedded software, they I believe our products will be welcomed at home and abroad.